Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting the hang of it

I've been back to work for about a month now and I think things are going well. I am pretty much caught up with work stuff - at least I managed to remember what it is that I do here. Mostly. Sammy seems to be doing great in daycare. The constant noise and action around him are both entertaining and tiring for the poor little guy, so in the afternoons he is both exhausted and happy when I pick him up. I guess that's a good combination.

I was sick about two weeks ago - with a fever and a cough. It turns out that I had bronchitis, so I tried as much as I could to stay away from Sam. I was SO afraid that he would get it. What I didn't count on was that he noticed that I wasn't holding him or snuggling with him as much as usual. So the first day I was better and he wasn't in daycare, he would not let me put him down even for a minute. He basically napped on me the entire day. Poor baby. I felt so bad for him. And for me a too, just a little.

Drew was away last weekend, so Sam and I were alone overnight for the first time. It went well - he was so tired that he slept through his bath and zonked out before he finished his bottle. We spent Saturday with Grandma and Grandpa:

There's something about seeing my parents with my baby... So strange. I don't remember how they were with my brother when he was born, and I obviously don't remember them from the time I was a baby, so it's sort of funny to see them all googly-eyed over a baby. And Sam milks it for all its worth!

This weekend it seemed like someone flipped a switch in him because he was "talking" non-stop. His funny little sounds just crack me up. He seems to be "talking" in full sentences now and I just have to wonder whether he is talking in English in Hungarian.

So, we are all getting into a good routine around here. I still feel unsettled and hormonal from time to time, but I suppose that is normal. I am also shedding like a dog and my nails are breaking, so the good pregnancy hormones must have left the building. It's only the cranky ones that crave chocolate that are sticking around. Figures.

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